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On-Site Camping Information

The Clinton County fairgrounds has over 200 on-site camping sites that you will be able to pre-register for.

Jeep Jam On-Site Camping FAQs

Electric sites with 30 amp service and water nearby are $30/night with a 2 night minimum.
If 50 amp electric is required, there a limited number 50 amp sites available in the vendor area (open to everyone.)
Primitive sites are $15/night with a 2 night minimum. There are flush restrooms and a couple showers available.
All sites must be pre-paid.

Campsites must be pre-registered.  Camping registration is handled completely by the Clinton County Agricultural Society.  Call 937-382-4443 to register.
The Registration office is open on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 9AM - 3PM.
Sites must be pre-paid.  If you pay by check, your site will be held for one week while you mail-in your check.  After a week with no payment, your site may be available for someone else to reserve. 
 - Pick some site numbers (at least 2) that you are interested in. Camp site maps are below. (Note that the mapped site locations are close but not exact. Electric pedestals are marked in red (or purple for 50 amp) and water spigots are in blue.   
This document will be updated periodically showing what sites have already been reserved. 
 - Call the Clinton County Agricultural Society at 937-382-4443.
 - Let them know you are registering for Jeep Jam on August 16th (you will be required to register for a minimum of 2 nights) and what site(s) you are interested in.  They will let you know if the site(s) are available.
 - Pay by mailing in a check with your Camping Permit Application form.  You may also pay by cash or check in person at the fairgrounds when the office is open. 
 - Mail or fax your completed and signed Camping Permit Application Form.

The Clinton County Fairgrounds requires you to purchase a minimum of 2 nights (Friday night and Saturday night) to stay on-site.  You may arrive early or stay later if you like at the same rate.  If you would like to drop-off or pick up your camper early (or later), you can do that for no additional charge (See the next topic below.)

Yes, you can drop off your camper early!!  We realize that some people will trailer their Jeep and camper, but only have one tow vehicle. If you would like to drop off and set up your camper before the event, you can do so starting Monday, August 13th free of charge.  This is encouraged, as you must have your camper on-site by Friday, August 16th, by 8PM. The camper cannot be connected to electric & water until your reservation begins.  You do have the option of paying for additinal nights at the same rates above if you will be staying on-site (or if your camper requires electric while it sits).
You can also pick up your camper later as well.  You have up until Friday, August 23rd to remove your camper.

Yes, pets are permitted in the campground ONLY and must be on a short leash at all times. Pets are not permitted in the Jeep Jam vendor area and they are not permitted in the Jeep on the obstacle course or trail rides. The only exception is service animals.

Camping Rules

  1. Campers or motorhomes must be checked-in/on-site by 8pm on Friday, August 16th. Campers/motorhomes are not premitted to leave the event until after 4pm on Sunday, August 18th.  This rule is in place to keep predestrians safe by not having truck/camper/rv traffic during the event.  You CAN and are encouraged to drop-off or pick-up your camper early before the event and/or later after the event for no extra charge.  See the FAQ above.
  2. When you arrive at the fairgrounds, BEFORE placing your camper in your spot, you must stop by the office and pick up paperwork and provide emergency contact information (phone number).
  3. Dogs must remain at the camp site and on a short leash at all times.
  4. Alcohol will not be permitted outside of the camp site. If any minors are found using or possessing alcohol or drugs, law enforcement will be contacted, and you will lose your camping privileges.
  5. Camping permit must be displayed in window.
  6. Most camping lot sizes are 18x30ft. Arrangements must be made with the camping office for campers longer than 30ft.
  7. No sewage or waste water may be discharged on the lot in the camping areas. After the event is over you may pull your camper to the north end of the grounds to the dump site. Anyone found dumping waste or sewage will lose camping privileges and be held responsible for cleanup fees.
  8. No camp fires. The camping committee will rule on fires (if any) during the event.
  9. If your camper fills your site, you will need to park your vehicle in the designated parking areas.
  10. Profane language, excessive noise, or disorderly conduct of any type will not be tolerated. Any of these is sufficient reason for the eviction from camping areas and fairgrounds, without refund of unused fees.
  11. Camping areas must be quiet by 12:00 a.m. CURFEW TIME. Persons not observing the curfew may be evicted.
  12. No golf carts, utv's, or atv's are permitted.
  13. Need to use at least 10-3 electric cord from the electric box to your camper. Do not use regular extension cords. 
  14. Campsites need to be put back in its original condition.
  15. If a camper writes a check with insufficient funds a $35.00 fee will be added to the amount of the check.
  16. 30 amp campsites available throughout the campgrounds. If you need electric and need to plug in a regular 15 or 20 amp cord, you must purchase a 30 amp to 20 amp adapter beforehand such as this one.
  17. Starting Monday, July 23rd, you may begin to pick up your camping permit Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 8am - 2pm.
  18. Generators are permitted in the Primitive Camping area as long as they are the small inverter type (like the Honda EU2200) and less than 60db.
  19. The Clinton County Fairgrounds is not responsible for any injuries or damages to any person or property, Including any lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise, possessions, or vehicles, caused by any member of the fair board, volunteer, vendor, camper, or person attending the event.

30 amp electic sites available: All electric sites have 30 amp (only) electric service.  If you need 20 amp or 50 amp service, you will need to purchase/bring an adapter like this one.  There are a handful of 50 amp sites. If 50 amps service is required, ask when you make your reservation.

Water connections: There are a limited number of water hook-ups in the camping area.  Please bring a Y-adapter like this one and extra hose as many sites will share one spicot.

Camp Site Maps and Pictures

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